The Boat

Pogo 50

Pommes Frites is a Pogo 50, manufactured in Brittany, France. The boat has been designed to push the envelope of racer-cruiser as far in the direction of racer as possible while still having places to sleep that are vaguely recognizable as beds. Also, there’s a real toilet.
The boat weighs about 60% of the old Pommes Frites (a venerable Jenneau 49DS), but has 4x the sail power. So, it’s uh…. pretty fast.

Building a Pogo 50.

The build process took about 2.5 years from start of design conversations to launch. Pommes Frites is the 6th Pogo 50 hull built by Pogo Structures. Notable design changes for this version are: a taller, high modulus carbon mast, simplified interior, and many weight saving innovations.

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The “Old” Pommes Frites

She was a venerable Jenneau 49DS that had undergone many upgrades throughout the years to try to get her heavy hull to go faster.