The Crew

Mike Evans

Mike is the captain of the Pommes Frites. Aside from his passion for sailing, he’s also passionate about startups, ethics, and living an intentional life based on personal vision. His resume includes founding Fixer, GrubHub, and crossing America on his bike. In his more insane moments, he daydreams about racing in the Vendee Globe. You can follow him at


Keith is a former Navy Rescue Swimmer and recovering lawyer. He started sailing on the Pommes Frites crew in 2015. He is always ready to go up the mast and earns awards for his iron stomach and for being the last one to add extra layers. He completed the Race to Mackinac on Pommes Frites in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Guy is the newest member of the crew (who is not related to the captain) and so is permanently assigned to kitchen duty. He grew up sailing in New England – dinghies and keel boats – and still marvels that Lake Michigan has no salt or tides. Guy is lucky to have an amazing wife and two kids and to spend his work time investing in startups.


Troy knows more about sailing than the rest of the crew has forgotten. He’s Captain Mike’s sailing mentor, and coached him from a green horn cruiser to a not-completely-terrible racing captain. Troy has an annoying tendency to want to go inside the Manitous on the Mac race. He’s always wrong about this.


Brian learned to sail as a kid on Michigan’s Lake Charlevoix with his dad on their O’Day Mariner. Never far from the Great Lakes, he’s always looking for a chance to sail, swim, or sit on the shore and watch the boats. Brian has been racing with the Pommes Frites crew since their very first Race to Mackinac in 2015 and has been a regular fixture aboard ever since.


Mike has been involved with boats for most of his life – probable first real hook as a kid was building a plastic model of Sir Francis Chichester’s Gypsy Moth. He joins the Pommes Frites crew on this life-list adventure – crossing the Atlantic Ocean, of which he is very grateful to be part of. Mike is an avid snow skier, parent and husband who also loves dogs and french fries.

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