Go on an adventure with us

Captain Mike and his crew share their experiences crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a Pogo 50 sailboat, sailing from Puerto Rico to Chicago, and racing. When Captain Mike isn’t sailing the ocean blue, he’s writing about startups, ethics, and other adventures over at

Detroit to Chicago

The crew launches from Detroit, MI, towards their final destination: Chicago. In this final leg of the Pommes Frites crossing the Atlantic and making it to Chicago, the crew encounters a squall line, which they head right into. Crossing Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, there are nothing but happy faces!

P.E.I. to the Welland Canal

Leaving Montreal, the crew launches into the St. Lawrence Seaway System. The system is made up of 15 locks that allow ships to transit between Montreal and Lake Erie, which is an elevation difference of 168 meters (about 551 feet). In this video, you’ll see the crew make their way through many of these locks.

Rhode Island to P.E.I.

The crew have some additional guests on this leg of the trip from Rhode Island to Prince Edward Island. Experience both the sailing and the stops along the way through the eyes of Evie, Skye, Winter, and Spencer.

Bermuda to Rhode Island

Captain Mike and crewmembers Keith, Guy and Brian set sail from Bermuda to Rhode Island. After making their way through the channel and beginning their travels, they come across some intense storms that leave them feeling exhausted as they arrive in Rhode Island.


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