Rhode Island to P.E.I.

Joining the crew from Rhode Island on their journey to Prince Edward Island are Evie, Skye, Winter, Spencer, and Nana. Ashley also made an appearance once again!

Taking the kids on this adventure was an amazing experience. Not only did they get to experience the vast open seas and the thrill of being on a sailboat, but we also had the opportunity to make some incredible stops along the way. In Maine, Skye, Winter, and Evie had a fantastic time playing together. Experiencing the pier in Halifax from Evie’s perspective was wonderful. Spencer had a mix of fear and excitement upon our arrival in P.E.I. We felt the same way, Spencer!

Season 2: Episode 6

The crew have some additional guests on this leg of the trip from Rhode Island to Prince Edward Island. Experience both the sailing and the stops along the way through the eyes of Evie, Skye, Winter, and Spencer.

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