Bermuda to Rhode Island

After taking care of some major projects and problems, and getting in a little sightseeing in Bermuda, Captain Mike and crewmembers Keith, Guy, and Brian are ready to make the trip to their next port: Rhode Island.

After making their way out of the channel and getting the sail up, the crew enjoyed a well deserved dinner from a lovely local café with this delicious tray for dessert.

The trip wasn’t as smooth of sailing as they would have hoped. They come into some pretty serious storms, which got their adrenaline pumping and left them tired as they finally approached Newport, Rhode Island.

Season 2: Episode 5

Captain Mike and crewmembers Keith, Guy and Brian set sail from Bermuda to Rhode Island. After making their way through the channel and beginning their travels, they come across some intense storms that leave them feeling exhausted as they arrive in Rhode Island.

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