The crew is ready to dock at Bermuda and those last 3 hours after a thousand miles can just seem to drag on! But the crew is in great spirits as they conclude this leg of the trip.

Despite their great moods and entry into Bermuda, the crew has a few problems to take care of. The first problem is being manned by Keith, who’s resecuring the fuel tank. Mike works on a pretty significant electrical issue in the engine room. (Full details are in the video below)

After some time well-spent on these problems, Keith, Brian, and Mike, the remaining crew who will continue on to Rhode Island, got a chance to try out their sea legs and do a little sightseeing.

Season 2: Episode 4

Join Captain Mike and crewmembers Keith and Brian as they dock next to a party boat, work on some problems (like the electrical system), and sitesee Bermuda, including an everlasting kite? and an old ammo shelter.

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