At Sea: To Bermuda | Part 2

We continue our travels with the crew on their near arrival to Bermuda. Skye and Winter catching a glimpse of dolphins off the back of the boat, and Skye gives us a demonstration of how to tie a square knot.

Keith tells about getting the reefing line set up. But what is a reefing line and why does it matter? This makes it so that no one has to go up on the foredeck in order to bring down a reef sail. It makes the sail area smaller. By creating a group of clutches where all the ropes come through will make everything a lot easier in the long run, even if it’s a big project right now.

Brian, Mike and Keith fill us in on Frankensail and what the approach is like heading into Bermuda.

Captain Mike reflects on the trip so far:

About 5,500 miles out here this year – a thousand miles from Puerto Rico up here to Bermuda. 25 knot winds. Now we’re in a downwind sales of an island last 50 miles. This boat is great. Pogo just put together an amazing boat.

It’s taken a lot of learning to figure out how to really use it well, but we’re just trying to get it dialed in. It feels good. The blue, it’s just the deepest blue you could ever imagine.

My happy place. I love sailing.

Season 2: Episode 3

Hear from crewmate Keith on boat projects and what it’s like to sail. Learn how to tie an adjustable knot from Skye. And Brian and Captain Mike fill us in on Franken-Sail.

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