Detroit to Chicago

Eager to begin the final leg of the journey, the crew pushes off from Detroit, MI, to make their way through Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

Pommes Frites made it’s debut launch in November of 2021 from Brittany, France. Throughout the crossing, the crew visited places like Porto, NazarĂ©, Madeira, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Rhode Island, Maine, Halifax, P.E.I., and Detroit. We journeyed through the lock system along the St. Lawrence Seaway System. We ate great food, laughed a lot, and made deep friendships. On August 13, 2023, Pommes Frites arrived at its final destination: Chicago.

Season 2: Episode 8

The crew launches from Detroit, MI, towards their final destination: Chicago. In this final leg of the Pommes Frites crossing the Atlantic and making it to Chicago, the crew encounters a squall line, which they head right into. Crossing Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, there are nothing but happy faces!

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