Pulling into Porto, Portugal

Traveling from France to Portugal, we experienced high winds, causing the Pommes Frites to get up to 20 knots, a record for me personally.

We connected over the radio with someone who found out about us on social media, and they invited us to a beer in Viana do Castelo. While we hoped to connect with them and tour the castle, unfortunately there was no room at the marina.

We said goodbye to the castle from afar and made our way down the coast to Porto. My next post later this week will be dedicated to our time there.

I have two new videos for you this week, one on our sailing from France to Portugal, and one pulling into port at Porto. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

Where are we now?

We are finishing up our time in Madeira, our final port before the crossing.

New Videos

Join the crew as they sail the open waters from France to Portugal
The crew was hoping to make a stop at an earlier port, but with no room in the marina, they continued on their way to Porto.

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