Day 0 – 24 hours of travel, but we are here: France

As the crew arrived in France, we are both tired and excited.

As we were sitting in the airport, Brian, Keith, and I shared our comments of how we are feeling.

Brian commented, “I’m feeling pretty good. Made it through security. Sitting in the lounge with 20 minutes to spare and with our first toast.”

Keith shared his excitement to see the Pommes Frites. “I am stoked! It’s gonna be beautiful!”

I cap the airport conversation by reflecting on all the prep work and relieved the day is here. “Now it’s the fun part!”

After an uneventful plane trip, we scooted onto the train with less than 1 minute to spare before pulling away from the platform.

We then arrived to the Pommes Frites! Brian and Mike share their thoughts about the marina, the new Pommes Frites, and the amazing feeling of our launch.

After we loaded up luggage, prepped the ship, and moved the “largest sail ever conceived” up, we finally took time as a crew to enjoy our first (of many) meals on board.

Where are we now?

We are docked in France and ready to begin our trip within a few hours. And LOOK – We are making headlines!

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Photos from our travel day. Catching a train with 1-minute to spare and all this luggage was a challenge!

Some pictures at the marina, fancy French food, and setting eyes on the Pommes Frites!

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