Practice Day: Breaking in the Pommes Frites

After our 24-hour travel time, a good meal, and some rest, we set out on a practice day in the marina at St. Marine, France. Below are some pictures from our Chief Medical Officer aboard the Pommes Frites Beck. She captured these beautiful shots before starting the day of practicing hoisting the trimmer and the massive spinnaker sails.

Navigating our way on the boat has been hard work but so much fun! On our practice runs, we are learning about the differences from the old Pommes Frites and our home for the next 5 weeks. It’s also great to see everyone learning new skills as we acclimate. Watch our video below.

A gallery of photos captured on our practice day. I mean, just look at the massive size of that sail!

Where are we now?

Here is a close up of our practice runs while we are in St. Marine.

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