Spinnaker Sail & Launch

As we finished up our time in Ste. Marine, France, we set out on one final practice run. As we finished working out some details and did a man-overboard drill, we raised the massive spinnaker sail for the first time. It’s size is both massive and impressive!

Crew Updates

We have launched from Sainte Marine and have made our way south and west (map below of our route so far). Here are some updates from those aboard.

Captain Mike:

As of Monday, November 8th, the Pommes Frites rounded Cape Finisterre, a rock-bound peninsula on the west coast of Galicia, Spain. Big winds. Going 11 knots (a little under 13 miles per hour), with occasional 14-16 bursts!

We were hailed on radio by another pogo owner that saw our videos and now we’re going to the same town: Viana do Costello, Portugal. What fun! Also, we have cell service this close to land.

Beck, CMO on board:

It took us three days to cross the Bay of the Sky. It was cold and windy, but the crew acted like a well oiled machine despite a few crises. Everyone is pitching in at the helm. We are all cooking and cleaning. We are very excited to reach our first port in Portugal!


Learn more about the crew.

Where are we now?

We made it from Sainte Marine, France around Cape Finnisterre, Spain. Our next port is in Portugal.


Because what is a good trip without some good food?

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