Porto: Crew Update + A LOT of Food

Crew Updates

From Beck:

Taking shifts helming the boat takes place at all hours of the day and night.

At night, the seas are very dark. You can see nothing except that which is within 3 feet of the boat. The stars are visible and meld with the lights of ships on the ocean near you. Rogue waves surf the boat along.

When dawn finally arrives it is cold but the light is so welcome. During these dark quiet times overnight there’s an occasional yell and hustle to get some thing done. 

Last evening there were high-pitched dolphin sounds a bit about the bow of the cabin. I thought it was someone looking on their phone, but alas, it was nature swimming around.

Where Are We Now?

We’ve made it to Porto, Portugal.

In Porto

New Video

For our video, we are throwing it back to last week when the crew made our first big shopping trip to load up on groceries. What does it look like to buy, store, and feed 9 adults for 2 weeks? This. This is what it looks like.

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