Spinnaker Saga | Porto to Nazaré

Crew Update

Captain Mike

Friday, November 12: Overnight sail started on the 11th from Porto to Nazaré. Huge winds 25-35 kts. We tried flying the spinnaker, but the wind was too much and we made a mistake causing the sail to wrap around the forestays on the boat. Two hours of struggle resulted in the sail in tatters and totally destroyed. Very demoralizing.

Here are some pictures of our spin disaster. At the bottom is our latest video where Beck documents the spinnaker saga.

New Video

On our way from Porto to Nazaré, we were traveling up to 35 kts. with crazy winds. We came into a problem with our spinnaker sail. Beck documents this for us in our latest video.

Where Are We Now?

Currently, we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We left Madeira on November 23 and we continue to press on.

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