Boat Maintenance in Nazaré

Captain’s Update

Saturday, November 13: This was a long day of projects getting the boat into shape. We’ve had lots of trouble with the hydrogenerator: a device that generates electricity from our movement through the water (hear more about this in my last update). It’s an important piece of kit because everything on the boat is electric, including the stove and the freshwater maker. After lots of investigation with a voltmeter, I found the problem in a mysterious device called the “octocoupler” where a stray wire had escaped its captivity.  Troy and Guy arrive to join us.

Keith went up the mast to apply chafe tape to the spreaders. Check out the video of getting him hoisted up at the bottom of this post.

Dinner in town involved a huge spread of seafood with ever increasing weird animals to eat. At one point we were served barnacles, and it definitely felt like the staff was trolling us. 

Where are we now?

We are closer to the Americas than we are Africa. Moving to our canned food, it will be nice when we reach land and can replenish our supplies.

Latest Video

Keith is hoisted to the top of the mast to do an inspection and apply chafe tape to the spreaders while at port in Nazaré.

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