Touring the Nazaré Funicular

Sunday, November 14: Vicente from North sails drove 2 hours from Lisbon to see if he could repair the sail. Prognosis was cautious but optimistic.  He took the sail with him with vaguely hopeful comments about being able to repair it, and not so vague curses about sailors with knives.  Finally had time to relax and see the town.  Day started with an amazing dawn run up the cliffs at Nazare as the rising sun burnt off the morning fog.  Yoga on the dock.  Pretty magical.

Scroll down to see about 30+ pictures from the crew’s time in Nazaré.

Where are we now?

After nearly 2 weeks, the crew is near to land. We are estimated to reach port early this week.

Latest Video

Troy joins the crew in Nazaré as they tour before setting sail for Madeira.

What has been great about this trip, different than my TransAmerica bike trip, is the different perspectives of my crew. Here are some photos from Nazaré from several of our crewmembers and I.

Captain Mike’s Photos

Photos from Beck

Photos from Mike (Turner)

Photos from Keith

Photos from Troy

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